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Robert Pejman was surrounded by art and culture from an early age. The son of an opera composer and musician of the orchestra, he spent his early childhood in Vienna, and then lived England, moved to the United States in 1976.
In his works, Pejman creates idyllic, tranquil worlds. "In my paintings there is no people, so you can imagine yourself in the scenes," explains the artist. "Scenes been romantic, but my idea is to make them even more romantic." In this case, it selects the color to make them more intense and pays great attention to sunlight. "I do not simplify the form. You enter the crack and feel the structures and rocks," he says, believing that they mark cultural wisdom, and not tilt. In history there is a novel, and Pejman reminds the viewer of classic beauty and emotions, which in all ages were inherent in such places as the Mediterranean.

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