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How to Decorate Their Notebooks

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Unusual T-shirt Designs

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Dress displays beauty of personality. It always represents thoughts of wearer and way on which he/she likes or dislikes. Some experts tell the whole story of personality through judging the dress. Although dresses can be deceptive but not always they are.
Today in this post we are presenting a unique collection of T-shirts design for your daily life attitude. We are cocksure that this collection will admire you at all.

Microscopic Sculptures

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Willard Wigan MBE (born 1957) is a sculptor from Wolverhampton, England, who makes minute work, where a figure can be as small as 0.005mm tall. He was awarded an MBE for services to art in July 2007.
He is is the only person in the world who can create what can only be described as ‘micro art‘.

In French, Martin Fox (Martine Roch) two passions: animals and art. Martin creates a sweet and funny collage of old photographs and pictures of animals.

 It seems as though nearly every magazine  is interested in Denis Zilber’s funny illustrations. He possesses an amazing talent for creating terrific caricatures. Every illustration has a story to tell, and the characters are so amazingly drawn that you just have to sit back and say “wow”.
Of course he has tons and tons of clients that are interested in working with him, and his projects have been published in magazines such as GQ and Blazer Magazine. He has also been featured in the UK Jewish Film Festival, marking him at his peak of popularity. The shadows, the angles, the lighting, the positions, the colors, etc. in his illustrations are perfect in every way.

Outstanding Artworks by Francois Leroy

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Some graphic designer works with detail and gives an explosive feel to their viewers. Francois Leroy a French Graphic Designer is one of them. His great art works have masterful professionalism with stunning beauty of works. You will admire his talent in photo manipulations and typographic designs as well.

Most people would never look twice at an old, decrepit wall but then again this urban artist brings a Tim Burton feel to your local neighborhood by incorporating his "Skelewag" characters into the environment. Taking inspiration from pebbles, grass, water stains, and anything else he can find, Chewie lends us his imagination in those dark and dank places.
 While the style may be something becoming almost cliche, after a fashion, taking pieces like plants and other environmental factors to tell a story is not only inventive, it's a great way of turning the world around us into something interesting.

"Man's Reaction To His Earth" - The Grandest and the Most Sublime Land Art
Go to a museum and look at the paintings, go to a concert and listen to the music... but look out the window - and see art? Often called "Earth Works", or "Land Art" these not-too-subtle masterpieces use the landscape itself, sometimes on a scale that, to appreciate it, means stepping far away from it: very far away.

I’ve always loved horses. This is why I was simply awe struck when I bumped into Wojtek Kwiatkowski’s photo gallery of these beautiful Arabian Horses. The motion and intensity in these shots is unbelievable. Visual poetry! Wojtek was born in 1954 in Warsaw, Poland. He graduated from Warsaw University of Technology in a field of Architecture. He is an author and a publisher of books about Arabians breeding all over the world.

The pictures that we will never get bored are the 3D pictures. Street artists who are full of ideas always surprise us with their pictures in which you want to dive. I look forward to some of them come to my street and paint this work of art. This is actually a public invitation to all street painters to come to my street!
Spilled Can

Art is for everyone. Though busy lives advancing the majority of us further away from our early experiences with it unfortunately exists, the beginnings of our worlds held creativity first and the other responsibilities second. Our early years, peppered with crayons and washable glues and play-dohs, provide the seeds some of us continue to sew, with materials blooming into worlds and materials far reaching. Others of us may not feel the urge to create as much as appreciate, yet it is this group of admirers (and their wallets) keeping institutions like MOMA (or Etsy, for that matter) afloat.

Sculptures from the Books Art

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Artist Selezer Isaac (Isaac Salazar) makes sculptures from the book pages by simply bending them. Obtained large letters and whole words. Selezer considers his work art objects, and calls for the reuse of books after processing.

Amazing Art of Wilhelm Staehle

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Artist and vintage illustrator Wilhelm Staehle is known for his eccentric and witty Victorian hand-cut silhouettes and beautiful use of mixed media. He is a self-described avid taxidermist and enjoys hunting wild game in in his spare time. In the series shown below entitled Silhouette Masterpiece Theater, Wilhelm delivers his unique talent exquisitely.

Benjamin Lacombe

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Benjamin Lacombe (Benjamin Lacombe) - a talented illustrator, painting very nice pictures on the theme of fairy tales and magic. Lacombe was born in Paris and today is one of the best children's illustrators in the world. In 2007, Time magazine even named one of his books, "Cherry and Olive" one of their top ten children's books of the year.

Saimir Strati (Vlora, Albania, April 11, 1966) is an Albanian artist who is regarded as one of the world’s most well known modern mosaic artists. He has done restorations in Albania to several notable mosaics at the archeological sites of Byllis, Amantia and Appolonia and continues to discover secrets from the ancient technique. He is a member of the British Association of Modern Mosaic.

Alexander Crispin was born in Sweden in 1967 year. In 1994, Alexander opened a commercial photography studio in Stockholm. Around the same time (1995 – 98) he was a Swedish artistic group “Sprinkler” ( “spray”) and participated in joint exhibitions in Paris and Stockholm. His work focused on the people and still lifes with a strong visual humorous ideas. Crispin specializes in advertising Alexander Crispin’s delicate and playful style of lighting springs from an early passion for film-making, the starting point of his career. An elaborate and humoristic approach to each commission is a trademark. Still life, animals, portraits, environments – Alexander’s works are always based on visually strong ideas. He has worked all over Europe since 1992 and is represented by Agent Bauer.

If retro gaming characters lived among us, it might look something like Aled Lewis' photographs. Aled Lewis injects some humor into his pictures by placing miniature 8-bit characters into actual settings. Most art-incorporated photographs I’ve seen are fairly serious, so it's nice to see that Lewis is taking the fun approach. Enjoy in these funny photos from E-Honda wrecking a car to Bowser cruising around on the beach.
"I hadn't intended for it to be a series but after I'd finished the Ski-Free Yeti walking in the snow, I figured it might be fun to put other iconic video game characters in real-life scenarios. As a kid I would become completely immersed in these crude pixel environments and they would seem very real! I thought it would be fun to try to capture that to express how gamers see these worlds.

Le Creative Sweatshop is the result of the encounter between Ndeur and Make a Paper World in January 2009: a conceptual agency based of modern communication means and mediums, through the lens of the DIY culture, working on volume and space scenography.

Recently, we showed you an interesting collection of life nails.
Today in the queue pleasant moments in the life of glasses:)

Was this Blackbeard’s sword?
Is this the hilt of Blackbeard's sword? It's one of the latest finds aboard the remains of the ship the Queen Anne's Revenge, known at one time to be the flagship of Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard. The vessel ran aground on a North Carolina sandbar in 1718 and was abandoned; modern archaeologists have been excavating the shipwreck for more than a decade. The design and ornamentation of this newest discovery have led the researchers to believe it likely belonged to the notorious pirate himself.
An imposing figure to begin with, according to historians, Blackbeard cultivated a ferocious appearance to seem even more menacing: a long dark beard, numerous  knives, swords and pistols strapped to his chest -- even lighted fuses in his hair. In May of 1718, he used the ship to blockade the port of Charleston, S.C., and effectively hold the city hostage until he collected a considerable ransom. 

 If you are landscaped own home or own a large apartment, then certainly thought about that your child has had its own bathroom. And maybe she had been there? In any case, we have presented several ideas kreatvnyh may well serve as a source of inspiration for a new or converted bathtub for your baby.

Mad World Frederik Raddum \ Art

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Raddum Frederick (Frederik Raddum) - sculptor from Norway. In 2001 he graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts Oslo. Frederick create a fun, unpretentious and a bit surreal sculptures.

Chair octopus \ Design

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Spanish designer Reyra Maximo (Maximo Reira) created a chair Octopus The Octopus Chair, which marked the beginning of a future series of chairs Animal Chairs, made in the form of various animals.

As a way of battling the summer heatwave that hit Japan this year, authorities have inaugurated a frozen aquarium that will keep visitors cool and entertained. The Kori no Suizokukan (Frozen Aquarium) in Kesennuma, northeastern Japan, packs about 450 specimens of marine life frozen in large columns of ice bathed in blue light.

BeAuTiFuL Wall Designs

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Once certified Italian artist Juan Francisco Cass decided to pin on friends and drew something out there with a ballpoint pen, but issued a photograph. The joke was a success, friends, long baldeli, walking in circles around a hand-drawn pictures. Since then, Francisco joke put on the conveyor and generally did their work as "hand-held photo" disagree "with enthusiasm", the exhibition includes a sold-out, and many of the girls just as much peep, so they want to get Juan "on the ball" (without the vulgarity). Juan draws material from his own life and imagination that he has finally gotten sometimes quite explicit scenes, and images obtained are really "photographic" as if shot amateur camera with flash. On one picture takes an average of 6.4 knobs «Big», is based on the size and the size of the majority rather big.

18 Awesome art in dry leaves

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Angelina Jolie Doll

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A talented artist named Noel Cruz, modeled figures of actors, singers and celebrities with an incredible resemblance.
One of these creations is the Angelina Jolie doll, which sold for $ 3.350. The doll has eyes and full lips of Angelina.

Collages Abigail Reynolds \ Art

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Abigail Reynolds (Abigail Reynolds) was born in 1970. Lives and works in London. Creates original collages from old atlases, encyclopedias and travel guides, combining photos taken at different times and printed in different places, but that show the same thing, and with approximately the same angle. The upper layer of Abigail incision and evert, so that becomes three-dimensional collage.

Terrible Cookware

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Such recommended for guests who eat a lot.
So they slipped this and hop! they immediately lost appetite and whole foods:)

Long-based designer Cristian Zuzunaga has created a collection of furniture and interior accessories in pixel prints.

In this post I am presenting great 3D graphics work in clay and other materials, for a realistic and beautiful staging made Irma Gruenholz, an illustrator from Madrid.Hope you all will enjoy this post.

Old Vinyl Records Stylish Watch

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The old vinyl records can serve, and in an age of mp3:) For example, in a stylish watch.

Pictures of Chocolate

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 Edible masterpieces from the artist Jean-Zoon at first glance look like ordinary oil paintings. But in reality, they are made only of chocolate and food dye. 

Blonde Swedish singer Karin Dreyer Andersson could become the leader of a new generation of electro: her band The Knife played this music sharper and sexier others, and even in Russia managed to become the subject of a solid cult.

Jeremy May (Jeremy May) - big fan of books. But unlike most people, he likes to not only read them, but also used as material for ornaments. Cut from sheets of paper books, Jeremy sticks together, cover the top with lacquer and puts in the place where they were slaughtered. Thus, the book becomes not only a source of material for the creation of rings, earrings and pendants, but a place to store them.

In this photoshop tutorial I will show you how to use stock images to make a beautiful digital artwork with nicely colored lights. All you need for this tutorial is my Colors in Motion textures pack and a model.
I found the model on deviantArt. You can download the picture here. If you want to use another stock image, try the gallery if ISO Stock, you will find very good stock images there. For this tutorial I will use the girl that you see on the preview.
So, power up Photoshop and let’s get started. 

If the holidays you are already tired and nothing else to do, then we could have done this here office of the paper.
And then bring it to work and give a gift to his boss:))

 Right now, at DC comics, Grant Morrison can do no wrong. He presented a classic version of All Star Superman, which came out as singles, was collected in trades, and recently bundled into a swank collectors addition. And because no one could get enough of it, it's even got an animated movie coming in February. Having won the field with Superman, Morrison took a four-year jaunt in the Batman universe that completely changed the character, tone, and direction of Batman comics. When he started, Batman was a brooding Miller-ite character. Now he's a family man. And he's franchising. And people love it.
Grant Morrison's been doing inventive and exciting work for years, but lately he's turned any character he touched into gold. So it makes sense that most people want him to annex their favorite characters, and I'm no different. I think that Morrison would do a fantastic job reworking Batgirl. No, not Stephanie Brown. Barbara Gordon, rather, is exactly the kind of character that Morrison could sink his teeth into.

 With the futuristic look, this Future Clock from Etsy is just the perfect timepiece to keep pace with time. The clock makes use of an old copper disc that is heated and given the shape of a clock. The clock touts the narrative built up tiny art made using brass and copper parts, as well as tiny cast sterling silver people portraying the picture of future. The red jasper beads add grace to the overall look. Grab this futuristic piece from Etsy for $2200.

Prodigious Art on World Globes

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 Most people associate world globes with geography classes or boring teachers’ offices. We have pop culture to thank for that. In 80′s and 90′s TV shows, globes could be found lurking in the corners of many a fictitious teacher’s office–far more than actually existed in reality. But globes are no longer as boring as they used to be thanks to artist Wendy Gold. Wendy runs a company called ImagineNationsTM where she makes vintage globes of all varieties.

People pay a lot of attention to how they design their homes. Comments from friends and relatives are sought as well as advice from the interior design experts. Hours are spent on choosing the right color tone for the walls and the perfect design. What if the various electric circuits running around your dream home, or the walls in particular, could provide the artistic flourish you are looking for.Designer Celine Marcq has conceptualized a design project based on the electric energy that is elementally simply, yet creative enough to impress each and everyone. Celine Marcq uses the electric circuits that run around walls and the energy that flows through them as a colourful palette that would distinguish the walls of a house. Inconspicuous Matter Project is the title of designer’s project.
At the core of this design project are responsive materials that would react intuitively to the energy flowing through the wall. The aesthetics of the responsive material would be in a free flowing manner, like scribbled lines and sprayed dots. These lines and dots would course through the walls and light up in a bright colorful manner as electric energy passes from one point to another.

Do You Think Its Metal?

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 The Designer gave it a steampunk look, but the materials used under the clock are not metal. The materials used are cardboard, plaster of paris and paint. Of course there were several techniques for styling and modding this wall steampunk clock. The most interesting thing is that the clock is fully working. The result in my opinion is simply magnificent. 

Zodiac Treasures
 Here are some really interesting and amazing ways to show off your star sign.

Owned By Trees

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Those cool trees looks weird, the shapes which it took during the time. As you can see those trees had merged with some objects and now it presents a wonderful pictures, worth a thousands words. Take a look at those cool pictures of those cool and weird trees with objects which were owned by trees.

This is amazing fountain. This fountain set up in Rome, Italy. Artist is Juan Galdeano, Spanish.

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