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Pictures of Chocolate

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 Edible masterpieces from the artist Jean-Zoon at first glance look like ordinary oil paintings. But in reality, they are made only of chocolate and food dye. 
 In 57-year-old Jean has always been an irresistible passion for oil painting over it, after years of work in a candy store her family, she began experimenting with chocolate.
 "I literally was lost in a sea of chocolate for 8 hours a day, it was the only way to introduce variety into my life and remind myself that I am an artist," says Jean.
 In her works she uses black, white and milk chocolate, food coloring, sugar and confectioner's glaze.
 Among her works can note reproductions of famous paintings by authors such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch.
 In addition, it creates and its own product.
 Each painting takes her about 5 days, then when the picture is completely ready, Jean inserts it into the chocolate frame and covered with a special glaze.
 The average price of one such pattern can reach $ 1,440.
Most of the existing raskuplennyh paintings have found refuge in private collections, as well as many museums in America.

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