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British photographer Carl Warner created these amazing foodscapes: landscapes constructed entirely from fruits and vegetables, cheeses, breads, fish, meat and grains.At first glance the landscapes look real, and it is only on second glance that the viewer realises that the scenes are made entirely out of food. A book of his work, entitled Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes, is published by Abrams and is available at all good book stores and via Amazon.
Coralscape: an underwater scene with coral made of broccoli, tropical fish made of various fruits and vegetables, and a pineapple and coconut island

Pee Eww: Cow Dung Art

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Pee Eww! What's that smell? Believe it or not, these cow dung creations were created by Enrique Ramos of Mexico City, and Enrique will paint on almost anything.
Ramos has been supplying Ripley's with unique and bizarre art pieces for over ten years now. His latest creation, these Cow Dung paintings, are appropriately titled "Cow-A-Dung-A".

Amazing Wine-cork Art

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Albanian artist Saimir Strati is amazing artist, he is very talented. He creating a 3D painting out of 300,000 wine-bottle corks.

 The London photographer Carl Warner goes one step beyond traditional photography. Beyond beautiful photos of people and even animals, you will notice is its amazing invention involving food. Yes, very creativeand very technical, the series "foodscapes, " a play on words that sums up this work, is a sequence oflandscapes using tasty food. The greengrocers and neighbors already know that food choice is judicious andloses hours of radishes, broccoli and others. To achieve the desired effects, the production is done in stages,to ensure that nothing wilt before the end ofof photography . Indulge !

Original works of Korean Art

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Korean artist Jeong-Ah Hwang introduced the world to a wonderful selection of exclusive works made of paper on which he worked since 2000. Mostly songs with effect 3D, which he achieves through its own technology.

Wonderful Art Jewelry

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 Van Gogh STARRY NIGHT Altered Art Ring.

 Everybody knows Michael Jackson’s famous song Thriller, and most of us think it is pretty awesome. Johnny Lighthands thought the same when he got inspired to design these headphones with a Thriller theme. They were actually made by ATOM Creative Solutions who made them work through Bluetooth.

Even if the days when ladies wear such hats on their head are gone, these portraits fresh up our memories and evoke feelings of the past.

Art Made From Vinyl Records

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 It is such a sad thing that people no longer listen to old vinyl records, but still you can use them to make something funny, like turning them into creative works of art. The results can be very impressive.

Today's dating game is a bit overwhelming. Whether you're new to the game, returning to the game, or just out to see what kind of trouble you can get into, here is the countdown of the Best Pick Up Lines: 20 Most Original, Ordinary, and (downright) Outrageous lines to start (or end) a conversation! 

 f illustration and character animation are your thing, you’ll love the work of Denis Zilber.  Inspired by children’s book illustrators and animated feature films from across the world, Denis’ vibrant characters are infused with his own personal blend of humour and creativity.  This article provides an introduction to Denis’ digital art, which includes well known household characters alongside his own unique creations.

 While overgrown cemeteries are mysterious places, with abandoned chapels and tumbling gravestones providing a perfect habitat for plants and animals, ossuaries present a far more forboding environment. All over the world, chapels and churches hide a dark subterranean secret beneath their stone floors, from family vaults to bone-lined cities of the dead.  But despite their chilling existence, ossuaries provided an economical solution to the problem of overcrowding.  In many cases bodies were buried briefly before relocating to an ossuary, where they could be stacked with other remains in a sort of grizzly storage system that allowed countless human skeletons to be interred in a single tomb. Ossuaries were used by the Zoroastrians in Persia 3,000 years ago, and have been adopted by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Jewish faiths, in often decorative displays that bring a whole new meaning to the term “bone structure”. 

AmAzInG Map Collages AnImAlS

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 Yellow Eyed Junco
The first piece I made using this new digital technique. I tried to emulate aves in poses reminiscent to field guides or old Audubon illustrations. The first series I began working on contain a hodgepodge of maps. I was more concerned with connecting color and texture than location.

Sculptures Made of Toilet Paper Rolls

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Since childhood, Junior Fritz Jacquet is fascinated by the paper. He explores and experiments with different techniques of folding and crumpling to create new forms and poetic objects that decorate his life. While he makes a lot of different artworks from paper (you can find them here), my attention was caught by his weird toilet paper roll sculptures.
Who could have thought that those toilet paper rolls that we use to throw away into a garbage bin, could be turned into fascinating face sculptures? Oh, and the best thing is that you can make them while sitting comfortably on your toilet! Enjoy!

Infernal Furniture made with insects

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Actually they are made with wood,bronze and silver but inspired by insects and wild animals, it looks pretty frightening.
To produce all this infernal furniture – besides wood – were used the most drastic materials starting from crocodile, ostrich skin and ending with horns and tusks of wild animal, but the furniture is not completely made of natural fur
The man behind this is the french Michel Haillard, who quit his job as an animator to create these strange furnitures.

 Back in 2007, when the Paleo-Future blog was just two photos of Jane Jetson and a link to my Friendster profile, I posted some images from the National Library of France that depicted life in the year 2000.

Origami (from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper") is the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD and was popularized in the mid-1900s. It has since then evolved into a modern art form.
The goal of this art is to transform a flat sheet of material into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques, and as such the use of cuts or glue are not considered to be origami. Here is a showcase of 41 origami animals created by the experts.

Matthew Cusick, a talented collage artist from Dallas, Texas, creates incredible works of art with map cutouts. Using the most rudimentary tools, Cusick reconfigures entire networks of roads, rivers and municipal transit systems to create intricate artworks that look like paintings and drawings, if looked at from afar.
Originally from New York, Matthew Cusick graduated from Cooper Union in 1993, and had his first exhibition just two years later. Since then, his masterpieces have been showcased around the world. Inspired by topography, the artist states that he likes to “catalog, archive, and arrange information and then dismantle, manipulate, and reconfigure it.”
Have a look at these amazing map collages, and be sure to check out Matt’s official site for more of his beautiful artworks.

The Realistic and charming works of the artist, Robert Finale, flow naturally from a deep-rooted enthusiasm and God given talent for capturing the intrinsic beauty in humankind and nature. Finale’s work on canvas is heart touching and peacefully enchanting.
This style is a colorful blend of impressionistic romance and Realistic Art Beauty, mostly in historic settings. His romantic Art paintings transport you to a time and place of private fine art charm, a haven of pure and quiet delight.


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The American designer Stephen Johnson (Stephen Johnson) designed the original black candle for the art exhibition in Miami. These chandeliers are sold exclusively online.

Design Art +Tex

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 My last 2 posts were extremely word-heavy for a blog and I fear I have run dangerously close to my maximum tolerable word allowance for the year. I am told that several people nearly shot themselves in the face when they saw the sheer volume of words they would have to slog through in my last posts. So,this week, I have an image-heavy post to share.

 What you see before you is the cover of Petar Meseldzija's Book, The Legend of Steel Bashaw. It is one of the most exceptional paintings I have seen in my lifetime. Like many of you, I first saw this image in Spectrum 9 where it dropped a nuclear bomb on my brain. Never before had I seen an image that so clearly articulated every feeling that I had ever hoped to communicate in art. And never had I seen one executed with such earth-shattering beauty. It was flawless, riveting, and the more I looked at it, the more and more I was drawn into it.

Justin Gerard Sketchbook 2010

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Justin Gerard is an illustrator living in Greenville, South Carolina. He works on many things but has a special love for good stories and tank strategy. His work has been featured in Spectrum Fantastic Arts, the Society of Illustrators and the Illustrators Annual. He currently works as the art director for Portland Studios Inc. as well as on private commissions and personal projects. He closely studies and admires Renaissance and modern masters.

Amazing Art on Human Faces

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We have found the top Human Face Art that is truly amazing, the art on these faces must have taken hours to create. Call it weird or call it extreme art, all we know is, that it is truly artistic and the artists should be proud of what they have achieved.

 Sand sculptures have always had a unique quality to them, as artists do not require paints and canvases to expression their vision, sand is enough to do the trick. Kharkov, one of the Ukrainian region centers, hosts amazing sand sculptures annually, where artists get an opportunity to set their creativity and imagination free and come up with exceptional pieces of art. These inimitable sculpture of “sand town” modeled from sand are based on the Russian folk tales characters. As a kid I always enjoyed giving different form to sand on the beach but never imagined they could be so big and intricate.

Best Tattoo Collection Ever

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 Wim Delvoye Belgian tatto artist has an unusual art form. Working in Beijing, he tattoos live pigs. The work is expected to be displayed in art galleries once the pigs is well overdue an exhibit in an art gallery, but is the abuse worth it? Obviously the pigs are anesthetized while the tattoo process is done- but how can one keep a tattoo on an animal from becoming infected?

Design the magic bus in world

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 Amethyst The Magic Bus by Samonberry
Samonberry is the creator of the Amethyst the Magic Bus who learned his craft at the Old-world school of Gypsy Painters. His art is very true to the original psychedelic art of the 60's and has managed to do a great job of capturing that era. His art includes posters, stickers, fine art, clothing along with this amazing 72 VW bus called Amethyst. I saw Samonberry at my first Art Car Fest in 2005 and was also featured in a video in which he describes how his art car came about.

Newspapers art

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Nick Georgiou's meticulously hand stitched newspaper sculptures continue to blow our mind. He seems to be taking them to another level, giving them movement and integrating them into the environment. For us, Nick and Mark Jenkins - along with Brad Downey, Leon Reid, and Prune, are the absolute best "urban sculptors" working on the streets today.Many people claim the printed word is becoming obsolete, pushed aside by technology and computers.Many people claim the printed word is becoming obsolete, pushed aside by technology and computers.

To honor the biggest sport event of the year, ESPN TV collaborated with top-tier New York ad agency Wieden + Kennedy to give birth to 32 original soccer posters, one for each participating country at World Cup 2010 hosted in South Africa. Every poster symbolizes football and national tradition of the country.
These posters can be seen on such places as print ads, billboards, bus shelters, hand-painted murals on buildings, food trucks, a print insert, 3’x4’ art gallery pieces, art books, digital banners and rich media banners.

Famous Faces Carved Out of Phone Books - - Arts

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 Occasionally, you come across an artist whose skill and dexterity in the practice of their art can leave you breathless with admiration. When a simple slip could ruin many previous hours of painstaking effort, you cannot help but admire the dedication and talent of the person who willingly takes those chances time and again to produce stunning sculptural works, especially when such works employ recycled materials as their base.

Amazing Feather Paintings by Julie Thompson

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 Many people have seen feathers as decorative items before. Today, ostrich, peacock and bird of paradise feathers can be seen in haute couture and in the costumes of indigenous peoples. They can be colorful and spectacular in their own right, but how much more stunning might they be when used as canvases for artists, eager to demonstrate their talent for the unusual? Alaskan-born and -bred artist Julie Thompson is an astounding exponent of this incredible art form. 

Nose art is a decorative painting or design on the fuselage of a military aircraft, usually located near the nose, and is a form of aircraft graffiti.
it’s not difficult to understand why a pilot would choose, or feel the need, to apply nose art to his or her aircraft prior to entering a warzone. after being stripped of your individuality and trained to follow commands for months on end it must be immensely refreshing to have the opportunity to personalize the machine with which you’ll spend most of your time, in turn boosting your own morale and that of your fellow pilots. add a lick of paint and title to a deadly lump of metal and the plane soon becomes a character with a unique name, not so much a weapon as a companion during one of the most stressful times imaginable.
Miss Dolly :: ERCO Ercoupe

Amazing Pieces of Pencil Art

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Many artists have used pencils to create works of art – but Dalton Ghetti creates miniature masterpieces on the tips of pencils. The Brazilian born, Connecticut based artist carefully crafts the tips of pencils into amazing micro sculptures.

Amazing Pictures of Finger Art

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Leo Sewell and His Incredible Junk Sculptures

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Using various junk items he picks up from around his home town, Leo Sewell creates junk masterpieces collected by museums and art enthusiasts around the world.

As a child, Leo Sewell grew up playing with objects he found at the dump near his home. He would take them apart, and his parents would encourage him to put them back together. He followed their advice long after he became a grown-up and he now has 50 years experience in creating beautiful sculptures out of junk.

He spends most of his time scouring the streets of Philadelphia for discarded materials, and brings them all back to his workshop. Right now, there are over 100,000 items in his shop, organized into 2,500 categories, from corn holders to gold-plated shark teeth. No matter how weird or useless an item seems, Leo will find a place for it in one of his beautiful artworks. Both the frame and surface of his sculptures are made of junk objects, assembled with nails, bolts and screws.

Throughout his career, Leo Sewell has created over 4,000 trash sculptures, from life-size models of animals, to a 24-foot-long dinosaur or his amazing 40 foot Torch. His art is displayed worldwide, including in over 40 museums and in both private and public collections.

Art with watermelons

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This is truly amazing! You’ll love the surprising watermelons!

Frederick Hayman (Frederik Heyman) was born in Antwerp, Belgium. Studied photography and graphics in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. In his extraordinary work Hayman skillfully combines photography and graphic design.

The clothes on each model are completely made out of food and not only that, but they are also an image of that person’s cravings. This collection represents the result of the imagination and hard work of designers Ami Goodheart of SOTU Productions, Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault of Project Runway alongside Ted Sabarese’s creative vision.
Each outfit was thoroughly put together, leading up to long hour of work, as the artichoke dress alone took around 6 hours to finish.
Taking all that into consideration I think it was well worth it, given the end results.

Interesting objects were discovered on the old murals that look just like a UFO, but maybe it's they have? But who could paint them, and even so long ago?

 Hanging Gardens of Babylon - the dark and incomprehensible of all the wonders of the world, the scientific world even questioned whether they really or is it just the fruit of someone's imagination, moving from record to record.

Love On The Wall

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Passionate embrace, kissing hot, a couple of minutes and will begin a
How sad that this is just a picture.
Slightly tough street art from French Claire.
Love on the wall

located in Barcelona (Spain). Construction started in 1882 and continues to this day. Construction is funded entirely by donations from the faithful. It looks fascinating and even sinister.
One of the symbols of Barcelona is the Cathedral of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia). He towers over the city from afar like a Gothic church, and near like the remnants of a coral reef. Nothing of the kind in the world.

Cylinders of the Pharaoh - two mysterious cylindrical object in the hands of some ancient Egyptian sculptures. Among specialists Egyptologists there is no consensus on the origin of these items.
In 1976, the Transcaucasia P. Dobrovolsky, and V. Kovtun was discovered an ancient esoteric manuscript entitled "Secrets of Life and Death," which contained information on the Lunar and Solar Cylinder made of zinc and copper with some internal content. According to the unknown author Cylinders of the Pharaohs used the pharaohs and priests of ancient Egypt to strengthen the vitality and communication with the gods.

Original Sculptures In Cemeteries

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Imagination has no boundaries, anything you will not see in our time, here for example sculptures from the cemetery, look at what krasotischa, is an art.

Room Horror Universal Studios

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Each year the Studio "Universal Studios" creates an extraordinary labyrinth based on the classic horror movies - "Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street," "House of 1000 Corpses" and the like. To create a full maze leave hundreds of actors, dozens of liters of artificial blood and tons of exquisitely detailed structures. Every evening the whole of October, these mazes are opened, like theater, and each of them - their own scene. Master of horror movies, John Murdo manages their production every year. This year's bloody maze again opened its doors to challenge the courage to brave.

Sensuous Watercolor Art So Sexy

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