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Cylinders of the Pharaoh - two mysterious cylindrical object in the hands of some ancient Egyptian sculptures. Among specialists Egyptologists there is no consensus on the origin of these items.
In 1976, the Transcaucasia P. Dobrovolsky, and V. Kovtun was discovered an ancient esoteric manuscript entitled "Secrets of Life and Death," which contained information on the Lunar and Solar Cylinder made of zinc and copper with some internal content. According to the unknown author Cylinders of the Pharaohs used the pharaohs and priests of ancient Egypt to strengthen the vitality and communication with the gods.
 Cylinders of the Pharaoh were recreated according to an ancient recipe, and then during the years studied physicist Vladimir Kovtun. In these studies involved physicians, physicists, Egyptologists, psychics and parapsychologists.
The research results surprised scientists. It turned out that the cylinder Pharaoh have the broadest spectrum of beneficial effects on the human body. 
Cylinders of the Pharaoh were recreated according to an ancient recipe, and then during the years studied physicist Vladimir Kovtun. In these studies involved physicians, physicists, Egyptologists, psychics and parapsychologists.
The research results surprised scientists. It turned out that the cylinder Pharaoh have the broadest spectrum of beneficial effects on the human body.
 According to some doctors Cylinders of the Pharaoh is a unique, self-tuning for each person, physiotherapy apparatus, created by the genius of ancient Egyptian scientists. Their medicinal properties, which include metallotherapy, galvanotherapy and magnetic therapy have allowed physician-bioenergetics T. Meshkova develop an effective method of using the cylinders. Cylinders of the Pharaoh as useful to adults and children alike. They create in the human environment in which it is much easier to cope with their troubles. Cylinders - excellent preventive tool against several diseases. According to the results of experiments physician T. Meshkova Cylinders of the Pharaoh protect against exposure to radiation of various electronic equipment: computers, televisions, microwave ovens, etc.
On the Cylinders of the Pharaoh Russian television shot 4-hour documentary, "Egypt. Test a mystery." Their investigator, V. Kovtun, written by popular science book "The Mystery of Cylinders of Pharaoh". Bratislava. "Ariadne." 1999
Cylinders of the Pharaoh patented. Trademarks "Cylinders of Pharaoh" and "Cylinders of the Pharaohs" are registered in 20 countries around the world in the name of the researcher V. Kovtun  
 Early 70's. Transcaucasia. Amateur esoterica Ruslan Dobrovolsky brings a friend - physicist Vladimir Kovtun yellowed old manuscript found in curious circumstances, with the intriguing title "Secrets of Life and Death. Egypt - India - Caucasus." The manuscript describes the technique of levitation, clairvoyance, changes in body weight and other miracles that can cause "orthodox" physics except that condescending smile. Maybe so, and went to this manuscript by Vladimir attention if an interest in history and culture of ancient Egypt did not stop look at the chapter, setting forth the exact technology of manufacturing the so-called Sunny (copper) and Moon (zinc) cylinders to be filled by certain substances.
 Fairy tales fairy tales, but the exact technology in the text of the manuscript - a fact in itself interesting for physics. In addition, long before that, in the Egyptian hall of the Pavlovsk Palace Museum Vladimir interested - what strange things are holding along the walls of Egyptian statues. Then answer the guide is not convinced of the researcher. Could not find it and answer the numerous books on Egypt. The question remained open. And then suddenly - the solution. From hard to believe .
After a series of experiments on the table lay Kovtun, gleaming metal, mysterious messengers of a vanished civilization. "Orthodox physicist" with bated breath, I took them in hand, and after some time with astonishment felt that in some strange way they operate.
 Some sculptures left to us of ancient Egyptian culture, we can see in his hands clamped cylindrical object, whose purpose is unknown to historians. Egyptologists have on this very different version: Arm stretcher, rolled aromatic handkerchiefs tubes for papyrus, printing . But just look, for instance, the sculptural group depicting the Pharaoh Menkaure surrounded by the goddess Hathor and the goddess of the nome to challenge the veracity of any of these versions (see photo).
 Pharaoh Menkaure holds in his left hand Lunar Cylinder, in his right hand - Sunny, on the left - the goddess Hathor, the right - the goddess of the nome
 Pharaoh Menkaure keeps Lunar cylinder in his left hand, left - the goddess Hathor holds a solar cylinder in his right hand, right - the goddess of the nome contains solar and lunar Cylinders
 Manuscript of "Secrets of Life and Death" gives a detailed description,manufacturing technology cylinders, set out the methods of their use, and clearly defines their purpose - strengthening the potential power of information and contact with higher forms of intelligence. Agree, it looks more logical and plausible other versions, especially if we take into account the following facts. On the background of a small life expectancy of the ancient Egyptians-25-30 years, the longevity of some priests and pharaohs amazing: Piopi II held the throne in 1994, Ramses II the Great, 67 years, Thutmose III-54, 1-51 Psammetih year. Longevity of the Egyptian state was lost in the mists of time and struck the imagination of the ancient historian Herodotus.
The modern science of history can tell a lot about Ancient Egypt. And yet, for us to stay hidden a whole layer of some secret knowledge, methods and means of ensuring priests and pharaohs active longevity, strength and wisdom for centuries to rule the country, to develop agriculture, crafts, science and art, whose works continue to delight us radiant spirituality. It should be noted that Egyptian doctors have enjoyed enormous respect in the modern world, they, and the rulers of surrounding countries of Egypt preferred to treat it with them.Cylinders of the Pharaohs were not the invention today. They recreated on an ancient technology, many being kept secret. It is known that at the beginning of the XIX century it was used as an aid in the practices of self-regulation and self-obscure Caucasian esoteric system of knowledge. The so-called master system has gained some notoriety, thanks published in 1955 in the U.S. manuscript of "The System of Caucasian Yoga" mysterious Pole Count Walewski.Publishers have reported that even before 1920, breaking the raging revolutionary events of Russia, Count Walewski reached the Caucasus, and got on the mysteries of esoteric society, giving an oath not to betray the source of their knowledge. Much later, being in America, he set out in the Caucasus knowledge obtained in the manuscript "The System of Caucasian Yoga. The manuscript was published posthumously.
 Here is what it says on the Cylinders of the Pharaoh in the chapter entitled "Renewal of nervous energy:" The method used in Ancient Egypt for strengthening energy flows within the body, was shown in the figures depicting the second master-noose. Two rods are compressed in the hands of the standing figures, and compressed with great force, similar to electrical, which, when the hands themselves retain the clip, release this energy within the body to gather it in unipolar nodes and cerebrospinal fluid. Restoring the potential energy of a wholly-owned and maintained throughout the day and night, twenty-four hours.

There were two bars, and they were of different composition, one is usually intended for the right, the other for left hand. One had the power of the sun, the other - the moon.Lunar core is the catalyst that gives the rod more solar activity.
 These rods have been known even to the remotest times, and the secret of their manufacture was known for a few initiates.
Owner information on Cylinders of the Pharaoh was our countryman, a theoretical physicist Vladimir P. Kovtun, who organized the research Cylinders'. Envoys of the ancient world were under the watchful gaze of researchers. Experts of various fields of knowledge have been involved in this amazing process: physicists, Egyptologists, doctors, biophysics, astrologers, parapsychologists, psychics. About these exciting and almost detective research VP Kovtun wrote the book "Cylinders of Pharaoh", and the director PTP Plugatyrevoy shot a four-hour documentary, "Egypt. Test a mystery."

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