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located in Barcelona (Spain). Construction started in 1882 and continues to this day. Construction is funded entirely by donations from the faithful. It looks fascinating and even sinister.
One of the symbols of Barcelona is the Cathedral of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia). He towers over the city from afar like a Gothic church, and near like the remnants of a coral reef. Nothing of the kind in the world.
Its construction began in the second half of the XIX century. The first stone was laid in 1882 under the direction of architect Francisco de Paula del Villar, soon left the project due to disagreements with the church.In 1884 he was appointed chief architect of a young artist Antonio Gaudi, and Cornet. He tried to build it in its original "natural" style. This great Gaudi devoted more than 40 years and 12 years of his life, from  1914 to 1926., The master engaged exclusively in the construction of the temple, refusing other offers.Construction is conceived as a gigantic evangelical Encyclopedia - a collection of stories and images of the New Testament. The initial project included the construction of a huge arch with three fronts, each of which embodies: the western - Christmas, Oriental - Passion and the south - the glory of God (Resurrection). 12 towers symbolize the 12 apostles, a central tower with four towers around - Christ and the four evangelists, and one side - a symbol of the Virgin Mary. On the internal doors are depicted the Ten Commandments on the column capitals - good deeds, on the grounds - sins. Gaudi devised to put the temple of atonement for all the sins of men. Finish the Sagrada Familia for barselontsev has become a matter of honor.

During the life of Gaudi worked on the creation of the Nativity facade, managed to build the lower church, an adder, a part of the gallery at the portal of Our Lady of the Rosary. Location of original picture so that it covers the entire building. Asp decorated with sculptures of lizards, snakes, and two giant snails. The facade of the cathedral reflects the architect's love of nature, where the sculpture depicted one hundred species of plants and animals, and the two main pillars stand on a turtle.Great architect did not finish his project. June 7, 1926 by Antonio Gaudi performed daily walk to the church of Sant Felipe Neri. As usual, he was deep in thought, and at this moment suddenly he was hit a tram. Passers-by did not recognize poorly dressed old man famous barselontsa, and documents and money he did not have. Taxi drivers refused to carry the victim to hospital. Belatedly dying were taken to hospital where recorded under another name. When people find out who dies in a hospital bed, Gaudi had to confess. Three days later he died and was buried in the crypt (crypt) being constructed building, which he loved so much.
After the death of the master of the projects the group has continued his closest followers, among them: Sugranes, Quintana and Matamela. But all work stopped in 1935 for 20 years due to civil war and fire, which  was destroyed by an underground chapel, burned part of the building and a number of projects, drawings, plaster casts of plaster from the workshop of Gaudi. In 1954 he resumed work on the construction of the western facade of the building in which the dominant theme of the iconography of Christ's death, and in 1990 - the construction of aisles and arches of the cathedral.
Sagrada Familia - a unique and monumental creation will be completed when the completed construction of 18 towers, steeples, existing in the project of Gaudí. In the upper part master has provided a place for the bells, tubes. These bells should be heard together with five bodies, incorporated inside the temple, and 1500 votes in the church choir, which will be located on both sides of the aisle on the part of the facade of Fame. As we would like to live to the day when the heavenly music in the holes towers, pipes will resound throughout Barcelona in honor of the man who created another miracle of light! His titanic task, no doubt, will be rewarded.In times of Gaudi's shrine was built on private donations and alms, and today - on the money raised from ticket sales. Interestingly, the residents of the district, where the Cathedral of the Holy Family, with the start of work and still pay a voluntary tax, although very small, which goes to the temple. No one hides that Barcelona do not really want to end this eternal structure. Gaudi, too, was in no hurry, he liked to call the newly built church of "open work", and if he was asked when the construction is finished, he replied: "The customer who ordered me to this church, not in a hurry." And indeed, it is incomplete, its product is "eternal" open construction site, where work does not subside and continue over the years.
There are currently part of the temple is still in scaffolding. The completion of construction changed several times, but, according to recent data, finally announced the exact date of completion of works - in 2025.
The final version of the Cathedral of the Holy Family will have a height of 110 meters and a length of 45 meters. It will be one of the largest and finest churches of Christendom.
Below - photo of the Museum of the structure. Model on which all posted Gaudi - mathematical models, then it was not.

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