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What is Art? What is its nature? What makes a layman into an artist? Answers to these questions are sought more than one generation of brilliant minds. Hard to say how they came to a solution. Perhaps the answer does not exist, but the art itself - the category of subjective. We to believe that a true artist - someone who sees the prospects and ways for the most unusual use of everyday objects and materials.

Photographer Susanna Majuri

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Suzanne Majuri (Susanna Majuri) was born in Helsinki in 1978. In 2004 she graduated from the Turku Art Academy, specializing in Photography with a bachelor's degree, and in 2007 - the Helsinki University of Art and Design in the same specialty, but now with a master's degree. The main theme of unusual photos of Suzanne is water.

Ever since large corporations realized that people will pay anything for their cherished childhood memories, action figures have been churned out at an alarming rate. Also alarming? Some of the action figures themselves. Here are ten of the weirdest.
Albino Bowler
We’re not sure where Albino Bowler comes from, why he was created, or why he hit the market. Unless there’s some sort of children’s show about bowling and skin conditions we totally missed. Maybe he’s part of a team with the Psoriasis Striker and the Eczema Split. 

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