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What is Art? What is its nature? What makes a layman into an artist? Answers to these questions are sought more than one generation of brilliant minds. Hard to say how they came to a solution. Perhaps the answer does not exist, but the art itself - the category of subjective. We to believe that a true artist - someone who sees the prospects and ways for the most unusual use of everyday objects and materials.
In particular, such as paper. Designers (and every designer considers himself an artist) for the implementation of its projects are increasingly turning to cardboard and paper. We already wrote about a cardboard camera from Polaroid, paper and disposable radio clock. Peculiar trend and become the ornaments of paper. Particularly noteworthy are the work of Elsa Mora (Elsa Mora) which offers an example of the fragile and intricate ring.
Elsa Mora (or as she calls herself, Elzita) - American artist of Cuban origin. Her work covers various areas such as painting, sculpture, photography, design. But most of the time, Mohr dedicates the finest works of paper (for details on paper the artist's creativity can be found at the site And more recently started to use Elzita favorite hobby, and for the creation of exclusive rings. 
All that is required for such mzgotovleniya jewelry - scissors, a lot of paper and as much patience, and most importantly - a unique talent that the artist has full. Of course, the ring of Elsa Mora too fragile for everyday wear, but just draw everyone's attention at a party or social events.
But the decorations out of paper are valuable not only for its beauty. They serve as an example of how even the most modest materials can turn into something luxurious and valuable. Elsa Mora managed to create a cheap paper and unusual fashion accessories that look is not cheap.

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