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 The London photographer Carl Warner goes one step beyond traditional photography. Beyond beautiful photos of people and even animals, you will notice is its amazing invention involving food. Yes, very creativeand very technical, the series "foodscapes, " a play on words that sums up this work, is a sequence oflandscapes using tasty food. The greengrocers and neighbors already know that food choice is judicious andloses hours of radishes, broccoli and others. To achieve the desired effects, the production is done in stages,to ensure that nothing wilt before the end ofof photography . Indulge !

 In this picture the trees are made of broccoli and peas with fruit. The road is cumin, the grass is no more than herbs and bread are the role of mountains against a background of clouds of cauliflower!
 The rural Italian uses ingredients that give a good typical meal: pepper trees, fields of spaghetti, lasagna and a car made of cheese village in the background.
 The striking image of this scene of the cave and water uses bread, green beans and an underwater vegetation of cauliflower that is a show.
 How about this scene sunset sun, the sea is made of sliced salmon on a boat which sails calmly made with the pea pod? To complete, bread and potatoes create perfect rock.
By an Alpine panorama was created. Bacon, ham, turkey bologna and dominate the scene that has a lovely sled made of biscuits toothpick. And so on. In every scene you can lose hours, fixing in glorious detail, imagined by a photographer with a hunger for images.

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