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 Everybody knows Michael Jackson’s famous song Thriller, and most of us think it is pretty awesome. Johnny Lighthands thought the same when he got inspired to design these headphones with a Thriller theme. They were actually made by ATOM Creative Solutions who made them work through Bluetooth.

 The decorations are as you can see a graveyard with stones, zombies and werewolves. The best part is that the headphones look like a toy but it is working perfectly, and every decoration has a function; by pulling the zombie you can adjust head size, and the headphones rotate at the zombie’s waist.
The side panel with the door has control buttons, and that door has an opening where Bluetooth light can come through. The crew from ATOM used wax and plastic to create the Thriller headphones before they painted it the way Johnny Lighthands wanted.
If you are a true MJ or zombie fan you would probably like to get your hands on them, and if you don’t succeed you can always take a look at these adorable Simpsons Zombie Toys.

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