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AmAzInG Map Collages AnImAlS

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 Yellow Eyed Junco
The first piece I made using this new digital technique. I tried to emulate aves in poses reminiscent to field guides or old Audubon illustrations. The first series I began working on contain a hodgepodge of maps. I was more concerned with connecting color and texture than location.

 Gray Jay
Continuing on this motif, I started working on several individual birds.
 I began to play with the composition, incorporating more than one bird per piece.
 Landing Osprey
It was at this point that I moved away from field guide-esque illustration, but considered birds in other positions.
 Don’t Look Back
After playing with fowl for so long, I began to investigate other wildlife that I was interested in.
 Doe and Fawn
And after working on the elk, I decided to investigate deer.
 Virginia Northern Cardinal
In preparation for my first exhibition in my home state of Virginia, I started rendering animals from maps of their area of habitat. I began with the state bird of Virginia, the Cardinal. After producing this image I had a desire to collage all the state birds, which hopefully I will get to do. The Northern Cardinal is actually the state bird of 7 states, more than any other species of bird.
Virginia Red Fox
The fox, the perpetual hunter of all sorts of birds. This piece is also created from localized Virginia maps.

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