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Zodiac Treasures
 Here are some really interesting and amazing ways to show off your star sign.
Constellation map pendant, Select your sign
Signs left: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Gemini. Glass vial (1.6" (4 cm) long) contains zodiac constellation map printed on linen. You can select any sign to ship in this Brass chain, oxidized by a rich brown color about measure 28.7" (73 cm) The necklace is made long enough to go over your head and eliminate the clasp. Comes in a pretty box, ready for present.

Papercut CharmChinese ZodiacPapercut Collection
This is definitely a timeless collection. Each and every item in this collection is like a capsule containing various auspicious symbols in Chinese folk culture. You can say it is blessing in sterling silver. Moreover it is chic too. Here is Chinese Zodiac Charm. This collection uses paper-cuts and cut them by laser into miniature versions that were preserved under PVC film and set in sterling silver, for viewing and experiencing the art of mini Chinese paper-cuts in the form of jewelry. Paper-cutting is one of the most popular traditional Chinese folk arts. In the old days, skill in paper-cutting was a critical standard for selecting a bride. The subjects of paper-cuts focus on life in farming villages. Flowers and underbrush, birds and animals are common subjects for paper-cuts. Some animals or fruit with auspicious implications are even more commonly seen in the designs of paper-cuts. For example, the pine tree, which symbolizes perpetual youth, the peony, symbolizing wealth and honor, the rat, symbolizing great fertility, mandarin ducks, which signify love, the magpie for propitious events, etc.

SAGITTARIUS Constellation Ring with Diamond
The constellation Sagittarius is depicted by a centaur drawing back a bow. This Sag is represented by a series of pierced stars, and the brightest star features a 2mm conflict free diamond. The design is a wide domed oval, with a matte polish- and oxidized to better define the connections between stars. It is approximately 3/4 of an inch wide and 1/2 an inch tall. The sun is in Sag from December 18th to January 18th, when it enters Capricorn.

CAPRICORN Screenprint Limited Ed handprinted
This screen print belongs in a series based on the 12 Zodiac signs. Each sign is interpreted as a Sideshow character/circus performer. This is Capricorn, or Elsie the incredible sideshow wonder! Swimming goats and mysterious seas? Silver tails and bright yellow furs? Yes and yes! ** This print features SILVER-grey ink coating on parts of the image! Though not apparent on the web, it is shiny and very pretty in real life. ** All prints are hand-drawn & hand screen printed original artworks. Three colors: yellow, dark brown, silver-grey Size: 9.5 in x 12 in

two zodiac constellations - embroidered stars your choice
these twelve zodiac constellations make a perfect birthday, baby or anytime gift to mark a special date or specific event. the zodiac calendar is below, so you can find the particular one you need. this listing is for any TWO, made to order zodiac constellations of your choosing. maybe your sign and your boo's or your children.

A4 Print- Custom Zodiac Sign
Your custom Zodiac Sign Print in a bigger size (A4). Digital print of original illustration printed on a 250 gsm artistic textured paper.

Leo constellation necklace/pendant
Elegant and unique. This one of a kind hand-fabricated pendant made with Leo constellation based more on the star sign suggestion which allows one to see it's suggested shape.... much cuter :) Made of solid sterling silver and the chain is fine and sturdy at 18inches. Width of the pendant is around 3.5cm by 2.8cm at it's widest.

the lion twins necklace
These guys look like they're ready to fight... but at least they're ready for something. This necklace is made from 2 sterling plated and antiqued brass lion stampings, sterling silver chain, findings and a sterling lobster clasp. The necklace measures nearly 18" long. Each lion measures nearly 1 1/2" wide x 3/4" high.

Pleiades and Canis Major Constellations Cuff
Here's one for all you astronomers or star gazers out there! These sterling cuff links have one stamped with the Pleiades constellation on one and the Canis Major constellation on the other. These cufflinks are 5/8" in diameter.

TAURUS Zodiac Cufflinks Zodiac Symbo
These cufflinks are 100% handmade by The Cufflink Maker. Each set of cufflinks will arrive in a eco friendly box and gift wrapped ready for gift giving.

2011 Calendar Ready to Hang
  This year-at-a-glance calendar features new pen & ink artwork, beautifully printed and mounted on a bamboo  panel. A lovely, unique, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional framing.

Leo Cross Stitch Set in Fram
I am lion hear me roar.... This Leo zodiac cross stitch is perfect for that Leo in your life, or even just for yourself. Cross stitch is set in a 5x7 frame and is ready to be hung on the wall or set on a shelf or desk. The Lion is considered the king of the jungle, and likewise you Leos have an air of royalty about you. Some Leos even have hair resembling the thick mane of the Lion. But Lions are more than roar, for they are truly magnificent beasts. The Lioness proudly cares for the young, hunts and takes care of survival with relentless intent and ferocity, when needed. And proud are you Leo! Perhaps that's why Leo often chooses work that puts you in the center of stage or in the spotlight of appreciation.

Cancer Horoscope Book. Beautiful Red

Libra handembroidered linen rabbit
Made from design using a gorgeous navy-blue linen with hand-embroidered details. The sign of Libra is from 23 September - 22 October Approx 36cm / 14in from head to toe.

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