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Amazing 3D Murals

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Amazing 3D murals painted on drab city walls by Eric Grohe

"Steel" by Eric Grohe in Steubenville, Ohio. This mural was commissioned as a tribute to the local steel industry

...into a mural called "Dedication" paying tribute to the educators, physicians, nurses, employees and volunteers who have served this hospital for over a century.
Mural artist Eric Grohe creates trompe l'oeil works that transform drab city buildings into beautiful three-dimensional environments. In 2004, Eric turned this hospital building in Columbus, Ohio...
Together with his two assistants, Eric plans and executes his designs using Google Earth and Global Imaging Satellites and digital photographs sent in by his prospective clients, to work out the sun's position to allow for shadows. Each mural can take up to a year to complete from start to finish
In 2000, this dull wall in the Pilot Brewery at the Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin...
... Real objects such as hooks, aprons, and clipboards were added to the surface of the mural to enhance the illusion
...was painted with this mural which visually expands the cramped, industrial space...
This parking lot at Phil Smart Mercedes Benz dealership in Seattle, Washington, became, in 2007...
... "Serenity Road", a mural celebrating their 48-year history
Using a specific silica bsed paint known as Keim Mineral that lasts for over 100 years, he has created an impressive portfolio on the sides and fronts of buildings across the world over the past 20 years.
In 1997, Eric transformed this dingy cement wall in Massillon, Ohio...
...into "Century of Heroes", a landmark showcasing the rich history and traditions of one of the most famous high school football teams in America.
An old brick wall in Crawford County in Bucyrus, Ohio, was transformed into...
...into "Bucyrus, Great American Crossroad 3". Dominating the main square of town, this wall and gravel parking lot have become both a dramatic entrance to the city as well as a backdrop for numerous concerts and civic events. Over 80 local citizens posed for the figures in the mural, which depicts this same square early in the previous century.
..."Liberty Remembers 2001" - a monument honouring veterans. In this mural, Lady Liberty cradles a dying soldier in her arms, surrounded by the portraits of 284 veterans from Crawford County, Ohio. The mural was almost completed when the tragedy of 9/11 occurred. Eric added the phrase "Her torch still shines, our flag still waves" to the interior arch
A mural was commissioned for in Marion, Ohio in 2005 after the entire west side of a building was exposed when an adjacent building was torn down in preparation for a new City park...
...Eric created this mural, called "Marion Heart of Ohio". The four statues represent the foundations on which the town was built: pioneers, agriculture, industry, and education. They support the future, depicted in the form of a globe, on which sits a young woman who represents the present

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