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Menton, on the Italian border, is famous for the Lemon Festival, Eze is perched on a hillside with wonderful views of the Mediterranean, Biot and Vallauris are known for their pottery and glasswork, Antibes has its own harbour and hosts the Picasso museum.

The Lemon Festival (”Fete du Citron“) in menton this year had a really interesting way to celebrate the lemons and oranges – thousands of fruits were used to create several creative sculptures and mosaics, all having as theme the cinema. The festival takes place during Feb 5th – Mar 3rd, and it is supported by the local tourism office to encourage visits to the city. We’ve gathered below some pictures from the festival to understand what made us write about it:

The Lemon Festival is also basically Carnival/Mardi Gras/party time while being directly linked to that fact that the climate in Menton is ideal for growing lemon trees and other citrus. Known as the City of Lemons, Menton distinguishes itself from the rest of the French Riviera by having a subtropical climate that, in addition to its attractiveness to lemon trees, has earned it a special place in the heart botanists and garden-lovers.

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