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Unique Sushi Art on a Plate

by artpictures | 1:11 PM in , |

An art duo from Osaka have combine sculpture, painting and photography to come up with almost lifelike forms where they have Japanese food on miniature trucks. The plates show you exactly how small the art is. Although expensive, these sculptures are popular among collectors. They have almost all popular Japanese food covered and all set, strapped to the mini truck. These sculptures from the Tomica series may look small but are priced at $270 per figure. The food on the tiny trucks look very real and even the garnishing is made with a lot of detail. It is obvious that the creator has a lot of talent and patience to be able to make something so lifelike. If kept with real food, they will no doubt fool any eye. Watch out next time you lunch with a prankster, not everything on the plate needs to be food.

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