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Weird love from Birch

by artpictures | 1:12 PM in , , |

In the pictures, you will see erotic show pieces made cleverly out of birch shavings. You will see people constructed with care given to all the details. Although you may want to think twice before you keep it in your living room, these will make great collector items for those who love weird art. They have made it clear who is the man and the woman in the pieces by giving the women a couple of plaits.
In some of the pieces, the erotica is only just implied and the rest is left to the person’s imagination which will definitely go wild. In the last picture you will see a kissing couple sitting on what looks like a witch’s broom. You can’t help but be impressed with the art and the effort that must have gone into perfecting it. Everything from the hat to the shoes has been given attention while the noses and the moustaches make them look a little funny.

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